The mission we would like to achieve as a brand and atelier shop is to set options for you to create the leotard of you dreams.

The leotard, which fascinates the audience, is obtained when the master creates without any restrictions. One of the most important effects of knitwear is the brilliance of the crystals.

The price of the crystals represents a large enough part of the price of a leotard. We comply with the customer's preferences for more or fewer crystals.

For this reason, there are two ways to price a leotard:

Option 1) The client gives a price limit for which to perform a leotard/suit. And we create the idea according to the requirements and wishes of the client.

Option 2) If you order a leotard without cost restrictions, the price of the leotard is calculated after the gluing of the crystals. The emphasis is on aesthetics, not cost.

How is the price of a leotard formed?

In our studio, we use high-quality materials, as well as Class A, Premium, Stellux, and Swarovski crystals. We want our talented clients to shine and attract everyone's attention in the carpet! To create a leotard/suit, the customer must know that the order is made by pre-booking and specifying a deadline between the two parties. Sewing a leotard takes 1 to 3 weeks, during this time our masters work on it. The time to create a leotard can be extended depending on the complexity of the design and the number of crystals. The price of a leotard includes the price of all materials (crystals, fabrics, threads, paints) and the cost of work of highly qualified specialists. The price also includes costs related to renting premises, purchasing equipment, taxes, etc.

About us :

Only experienced professionals who do their job perfectly work in our RIMER workshop. We insist on innovation and the introduction of new technologies and materials on the market.

Our studio has many years of experience since 2005 and we have been selected by many Bulgarian and foreign clubs during all these years to create their leotards.

How many crystals are used for leotards?

This question is very subjective.

We use a wide range of crystals to decorate leotards, they vary in size and colour. But different sizes and crystals look and cost differently.

In our workshop, the average number of tricot crystals is from 2,000 to 3,000-3,5000 thousand, and they can be less or more, according to the customer's wishes. In addition, sewing crystals are used for the leotard. However, the number of crystals is not an indicator of the brilliance of the jersey. The luster depends largely on the colour of the crystal. Coloured rhinestones provide beautiful colour depth but not brilliance.